Happy New Year! 2018 We are coming for you!


Happy New Year!! I hope each and every one of you had a great time ringing in the New Year!!!

Do you make New Year resolutions?  or do you set intentions out in the world and focus on them when

you can?  I have never been a true resolutions person but, completely respect others doing so.


I posted my top 9 photos on my Instagram feed yesterday click on the Instagram button and it will take you right there.

I absolutely love Instagram and it seems to be the social media platform others are embracing

more and more each day.  Please go visit me there you will get a glimpse into my home styling

photography and another way of connecting with me.  I hope to see you there.

September Is Here What should we do!

Well hi, there September.  I feel you are full of life and adventure!  I guess we will see.  The summer for most of us is over and that brings in a new school year and all that comes with it.  It also rings in the lurk of time changing again.  I will admit I don’t like when the time changes.  It brings less sunshine and early darkness, my mind has a hard time computing that.  I will stop my whining and welcome Septemeber in with a bang!

Leonardo DiCaprio Let’s Look Inside his Beach House







Oh, Leonardo, we love your beach house and of course, it happens to be in Malibu!  The views, oh the views can there be anything more beautiful than Malibu.   The bedroom seems cozy and the beach side view is just incredible.  I have always had a love hate relationship with having a hot tub at a beach house.  I don’t get the need.  But, I guess some like the relaxation that comes with hot tub activities.  The kitchen seems just the right size not too big and not so tiny two people couldn’t move around with ease.  I could just imagine a refreshing drink or spa type meal to enjoy while gazing the beach as the sunsets.


source:  photo 


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