Coast living by the sea 2011 Photo Contest

I was browsing the magazine Coast living by the Sea and came across these wonderful photos there were taken by magazine readers yes that’s right amateur photographers.  Can you believe that?  Each one of them has something unique about them and you can read all about the photographers thoughts here Coast 2011 Photo Competition.   There are more photos to browse but I wanted to pick a few that caught my eye at first glance.  I have listed as follows my thoughts on each one.  {1} I like the cattle walking through the ocean and the worker watching. {2} Is my favorite.  I like the calmness of the sea with endless looks of the wooden poles. {3} Looks like a storm is about to brew of the sea and we are getting to stand and watch it all unfold. {4} My second favorite the bird watching and waiting. {5} A bird taking flight.  I wonder where they are going.


Image credits via

Coast living by the sea Magazine

1.  Nicola Pennill

2.  Sacha Kusmirek

3.  Guy Boden

4.  Colette Calvert

5.  Chiara Borwick

I was inspired by all the photos it’s really hard to pick your favorite please tell me which one catches your eye the most.  It’s always amazing to see what someone else’s catches in the eye or their camera.



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adminMarch 30, 2011 - 10:00 AM

Thank You Courtney for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it very much. So glade you liked them.

CourtneyMarch 30, 2011 - 9:35 AM

These photos are so serene and beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I really love the sky in Guy Boden’s photo. -Courtney