For Grooms Only

It’s all about the guys in today’s post.  I wanted to find a really unique product and I thought this one was.  It’s a vintage style wet shaving kit.  Wet shaving gives you a much cleaner shave, the technique preps your skin for the glide of the razor and it is more cost effective than disposable razors.  Welcome to Wet Shaving{dot}net is a website dedicated to this fine technique.  The website gives you a brief history of wet shaving and the hows of mastering this fine style of shaving.  Ladies it’s just not for men women can utilize wet shaving as well.   I see smoother legs in the future.  What sparked this love was an Etsy shop of proprietors  Heather and Justin of Dirty Deeds Soaps.  I was also happy to see their shop was located in Texas.  It’s always nice to see shop owners located in the state where you dwell.  All of their products are made with natural ingredients.  The packaging is just fabulous first picture comes in a cigar box how clever.  I love how the beer soap is packaged with a raffia tie and your very own shaving cup.  The beer soap can  be purchased alone as gifts and refills.  The shaving kits can be purchased in multiples.

Shaving is a very personal experience for men.  It’s a chance for them to start a facial routine if they don’t already have one and it gives them the feel of taking care of their skin without all the fuss.  So wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal wet shaving kit to use everyday.  Why not?.  This can be given as wedding gifts to groomsmen fathers of the bride and groom, birthdays, holiday or anytime a gift is needed. I can just imagine him looking out of a window at a beautiful beach while shaving.  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it.   And I bet the guy who has everything doesn’t have this.


image credits

Dirty Deeds Soaps {dot} com

Dirty Deeds Etsy shop


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CynthiaApril 4, 2011 - 1:10 AM

Thank you for responding! I love when business owners show their customers they care. It makes them want to buy more. You guys have a wonderful product and I just love it.

Dirty Deeds SoapsApril 4, 2011 - 12:56 AM

We are sorry they dissolved too quickly. Its very true, handmade soaps are not meant to be left in standing water, and last much longer when are allowed to dry fully in between uses.

Glad you enjoyed the shave set otherwise. 🙂

CynthiaApril 3, 2011 - 12:50 PM

Hi Jacob, thanks for stopping in. So sorry to hear that. I use products by Lush and the soaps are somewhat the same as Dirty Deeds and I have that problem. What Lush told me to do is make sure to allow the soap not to sit in water after use. So I put little side dish outside the shower to allow it to dry and now my soap doesn’t dissolve so easy. I got a little soap saver from Target with little spikes on it to help the soap dry by placing it on the dish. I hope that tip helps. Cynthia

Jacob CrimApril 3, 2011 - 12:38 PM

When I started wet shaving a few months ago I got my brush and soap from Dirty Deeds, both great products. I then ordered some bar soaps and they are amazing as well, they just dissolved to fast 🙁