Recycled Art Comes to the Beach

  • Creative
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Beautiful
  • Hand Crafted

Charles and Misti are the owners of this sweet little shop rightfully named Recycled Art Company and have been making wonderful art pieces together for over 10 years.  Their items are crafted from old reclaimed wood, vintage license plates and various other recycled finds.  I love how they have taken the perfect and imperfect and blended them together such as using the number three for the letter “e” to complete the word “Sandyfeet” how clever.  I think my favorite are the ones where they have blended license plates from different states to make words.  Just love that.  I vision the “No Swimming” sign placed right above an outside wooden fireplace mantel on porch side overlooking the beach.  Please take a little stroll over to their sites to indulge in more of their recycled art.


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Etsy Recycled Art Company shop

Website Recycled Art Company

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