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Can we have one of these sweet little treats from Little Miss Cupcake?  I bet Emily Griffin the owner of this sweet little cupcake mobile van with a bit of nostalgia would love to hand you over one.  Yes, Emily sells them right from her cute little  mobile food truck she wheels all over the Galveston, Texas Beach area and other parts of the city and is on the move selling now.  She wheels around daily and informs her current customers as well as potential buyers where she will be located via social media outlet Facebook.  If you take a cruise over to her fan page you will see where she updates it consistently to make sure she has a flow of customers looking for her.  I think this is a brilliant use of social media it allows her direct contact with her customers.  It’s instant and with her business she needs her customers to know “now” not later where she will be parked.  Emily uses social media primarily Facebook to let her current customers and potential know where her cute little van will be parked.  If you look close at the first group of photos above you will notice a giant cupcake has been placed on top of the van.  I love how the van has been painted it’s, fun, cute, chic and it makes you take a second look.  I think it would be hard for you not to stop and enjoy one of these cupcakes.  I love the marketing strategy she is using.  It’s unique just like her like her business.  She has various flavors daily from every ones favorite chocolate to sassy flavors as strawberry.

After the beach season has ended in Galveston Emily continues her business with catering, birthday parties and various festivals held throughout the city.  So, the next time you see Little Miss Cupcake at a local stop in Galveston please be sure to stop and have one of her sweet little treats.  And if you planning a trip to the Galveston Beaches please be sure to stop by I bet you she will be happy to see you.

Some of the flavors she offers:

  • Beached Blonde (butter cake)
  • Berry Bomb (strawberry cake)
  • Chocolate Ocean (triple chocolate)
  • Key lime
  • Chocolate chip
  • Italian cream cake
  • Wedding cake
Image credits
Galveston County The Daily News
Little Miss Cupcake Facebook page
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CynthiaApril 5, 2011 - 8:35 AM

I know the flavors sound so delicious! I am going down in June and hope she will be around so I can taste one 🙂
Thanks for visiting my blog.

This cupcake truck is so cute! Love all the names of the flavor, they sound delicious!