2nd Time Around




I have often thought if I were ever to get married again it would without a doubt be a beach side wedding.  I don’t think there is any place more romantic than to be on the beach getting married to the person you would love to spend time with.   So, I continue to look for what I might consider wearing if that day occurred.  But, today I wanted to start with a little non-traditional above the knee dresses.  The focus on getting married the second time around is different because maybe you don’t want to go through all the planning that goes along with big weddings.   This one tends to be a little leaner in price, smaller scale and you are usually only asking your closest friends and relatives to share this time with you.

The dresses above each one had something special and neat about each one.  The Bollywood I included only because the uniqueness of it.  If you look close its pants or more of a jumpsuit.  The Jolie Allure is more of a tailored look.  This one would be great for someone who doesn’t want all the fuss that comes with some of the others.  I really loved the each one of these.  I think I might be more partial to the one Clap It was hard for me to choose which one I would select so I didn’t (ha).  So, which one would you select?  This is one cool thing about blogging you get to indulge in all of your mind dreaming.


Image credits
Pronuptia Paris
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