Beach House Design File {Reading Area}

Swiss Coffee paint chip Martha Stewart Paints


I have always dreamed of owning a beach house it’s just in my blood.  I am Scorpio a true water sign and if that means anything then I am destined for it.  I remember being younger and hearing the phrase if you have a dollar and dream you have big possibilities. I have a dollar and I have big dreams so let’s get on with the beach house.  So, I thought I would take you on a little journey with me as I dream about this house and how I would decorate it.  I will call this Design Files.  I will try to post something on Thursday of each week as I dream.

The first design area is going to be the reading area.  I am not sure if I will have a true reading area or so much a space in a room tucked away that I can use as a reading area.  The above are snippets of items I would like to have.  I am more of a neutral palette person with little bursts of color.  The pops of color I tend to follow are soft beach blues and sandy browns.  The walls will be a soft white with a hint of grey.  I think the paint chip above rightly named swiss coffee would match perfectly.  I think I will toss a grey Kindle reader in there as well.  If you had the opportunity to add a reading area or space what would you add?  Or what would your color palette be?


Image credits

Wisteria {chair}{side table}{coffee table}

The Simple Standard Shop Etsy {pillow}

Ballard Designs {lamp}{ottoman}



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