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Just a quick warning to my blog readers about me and beach/summer clothing I have a real addiction for casual shorts.  I live in Texas so 8 months out of the year I can be in beach mode.  Or at least keep my fantasy of living on the beach in my mind.  If I think I can wear it to the beach I want it.  But, then I don’t buy everything I am a bargain shopper I usually buy a couple of really nice shorts each summer.  I added the flip-flops and sandals in the picture for a little coordination but that’s another addiction I have and a  post will follow soon.

{Group 1 has a pair of shorts from Garnett Hill I have been spying since their debut last year.   A quick hint I included 2 pictures of them because I am sure they will be a score this year.  I like them because you can wear them either short or a little bit longer for two different looks.  The fabric is linen which is my favorite.  It’s cool, natural and can go from casual to a little bit fancy with a few accessories.  I know most people have a love and hate relationship with linen because it wrinkles so easily.  I usually just spray a bit of fabric starch before I give them a quick iron.  Or if I send them to be professionally cleaned if they are dry clean only the wrinkles don’t happen as fast.  But, I really don’t like buying shorts I have to have dry cleaned just something about that I just don’t like.

{Group 2 are blue jean shorts the boyfriend style and are midrise that are tattered, torn, washed and look they have been made to look and feel like I have had them for years are my everyday wear.  I did get mine from Victoria’s Secret which is what is pictured.  Just a little side note they are button fly.  I will admit I did not like that at first but got ok with them as summer went along.   The military shorts are a hot item this year and I am thinking I might give them a shot.  I put them in my want column not need column.

{Group 3 is what I am calling my stretch group and what I mean by that is I like them but they are not anything I have in my closet right now.  And I am not sure they are really my style.  But, sometimes you have to step outside of your box to try something new.  The jumpsuit I noticed was out a bit last year and is back this year.  I like it because I can visualize it casual and dressed up with a cool pair of wedges and some jeweled accessories along with a nice short cardigan.



Image credits
Garnett Hill
Victoria Secret
Wrap London
Sundance Catalog
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ShariApril 13, 2011 - 5:07 PM

I love summer jumpsuits! One piece of clothing, and maybe a belt or cool jewelry, and you’re set! I bought one last year and wore it a lot, with a little cardigan, like you said. Perf!

I’m a sucker for cuffed shorts… I think they’re so cute! I miss living in CA, when the shorts come out in March. The nice thing about the east coast, though, is that I can wear them until October!

CynthiaApril 13, 2011 - 9:04 AM

Oh Patty Love that Brown patent croc pair. So pretty! and yes would be fab!! with those shorts!

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

patty andersonApril 13, 2011 - 7:23 AM

I’m with you! I am addicted to shorts like these as well. My summer uniform… Take a look at my sandal line designed and made in South Florida! They go great with styles just like these!

Love your blog!