Design File Thursday { Eco Friendly} April 21, 2011

The following design file has nothing to do with my wish for a beach home but it has so much to do with my style and what I would describe is me.  I cruise Sundance Catalog on a regular basis and the following just hit the web and I thought my head would hit the desk.  I just love this combination and I call it casual friendly.  It’s free-flowing, stylish and the jeans are not those dreadful low-rise that I am so not interested in wearing.  I am just a mid-rise jean lover.   I thought the name of the jeans curvy drink jeans was fun and creative. I am a little on the upper end of the age scale and struggling to plop down in low-rise jeans just makes my head hurt.  My hat is off to my readers that can wear them and I know you look good!  Ok back to what I am really supposed to be blogging about on Thursday.  Something called Design File and dream beach home. 🙂

Now Back to Beach Home dreaming ♥

{Butaca Chair}

Relax in our updated, upholstered version of the Mexican butaca, a hand-built chair inspired by the classic Spanish Barcelona® chair. We offer ours built entirely from FSC-certified machiche, a tropical Guatemalan hardwood, with well-padded cushions upholstered in either reclaimed jute coffee sacks or organic color-grown cotton fabric in natural.


There is just something about living on the beach and being eco-friendly that goes hand in hand don’t you think?  I have made a pledge to myself that I would include items in my beach home that had been reclaimed from a prior life.  The items above made me think beach, relaxing and comfortable.  The two little recycled pets are just fun and whimsical but are made from recycled materials.

The Butaca Chair has it’s on design file because it’s been a love of mine since its first debut in the catalog Viva Terra last year.  I really love this chair.  The description of this chair was like music to my ears that’s the reason I included it just below the photo.  I have been tempted to buy it but have not because I really don’t have anywhere to put it.  Which means if I would get rid of something I could buy it.  Oh well, I don’t know so I will just dream for now.

  1. Hemp rug
  2. Tanzanian village baskets
  3. Recycled rascal
  4. Mushroom stool
  5. Recycled rover
  6. Rattan meditation chair
  7. Soft stone pouf
image credits
Viva Terra


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CynthiaApril 22, 2011 - 10:49 AM

that was such a stinkin cute comment!! and yes those chairs just flip me out each time the new catalog arrives hint it’s right beside right now!! ahhh you are bringing me back with heinekens I say no more:)

BahamasDreadApril 22, 2011 - 10:17 AM

Hey cynthia i just snuck in here. Don’t know if this is the girls only section or not. shh dont tell nobody but im diggin the butaca, looks like some cold heinekens can get drunk in that in the bahamas and some cool stories told!!

p.s writer to writer love your comment “the following just hit the web, and i thought my head would hit the desk”!
keep it up

CynthiaApril 21, 2011 - 8:30 AM

Thank You and yes the low rise thing and I just don’t get along 🙂

VitaniaApril 21, 2011 - 7:42 AM

I just love your easy and relaxed style.I can’t do the low rise either.

I love eco chic interiors – the hemp rugs and the baskets are perfect.

And now I am off to explore the rest of thie fabulous blog..