Design File Thursday {Silver, Pewter and Black}

I wrote down on my blog post list the colors Silver, Pewter and Black and partly because I am a huge fan of silver will take it over gold any day.  I love pewter items for the patina it creates and because you don’t see it much anymore.  And the color black because it’s my favorite.  If you browsed my closet you would see a dominance of this color with a pop of color here and there.  I have read if you want to know what someones favorite colors are go to their closet spend a few moments and you will clearly see what color dominates their style.  Ok, I am not sure if that is true but my closet clearly says the color black is mine.

The first photo is a screenshot from the place of creativity Etsy on their front page it had a lot of items I loved on it.  Hmmm a little bit of vintage, a touch of modern and a neutral tone palette I thought it would mesh well with all the talk of silver, pewter and the my favorite color black.

2nd photo college contained three of my favorite items the settee which was a jaw dropper, the pewter salt and pepper shakers and the third item was the Feed 1000 clutch bag.  I love the clutch bag it is an item that was designed by Judith Lieber for the charity Feed.  The clutch bags purchase will provide food for a 1000.  The bag is sold online via FEED, Judith Lieber and other online retailers.

3rd photo college had a pair of chairs that would look great paired with the settee or alone, the old vintage baskets could be easily used for organization purposes or in a corner of the bathroom to hold bath towels, and the last item was the old seltzer bottle.  I have such an affinity for old seltzer bottles, something about them that just seems pristine.  I could so envision these item in my beach home a little bit of silver, pewter and touches of black…sounds good.

image credits:
bohemiennes (settee and matching chairs) wilshepherd (pewter bowl w/shells) blueyedgirl (beach sign) classicbynature (tree pillow) feed (feed 1000) usedandabused (pewter salt/pepper shakers) amberalexander (shell watercolor) tigerandhare (pillow)

retroradar (candlesticks) classicbynature (damask pillow/silver candle holder and owl/bird pillows) woodlandbelle (pewter antlers)  buffalowinter (farmer baskets and vintage seltzer bottle)

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CynthiaMay 29, 2011 - 10:06 AM

now let’s talk here if i had just unlimited funds I would have dark ebony hardwood floors through out the whole home with exception of bathrooms and there I would put some type of distressed ceramic tile or a tumbled tile…for a more worn look. and throw rugs I would use only natural items such as seagrass, jute and other material that was natural. I would just be careful in the selection because some can be hard to the little feet.

BahamasDreadMay 29, 2011 - 8:02 AM

Loved the settee and the two chairs. my question is if you had to do a throw rug to go with those, what color or dominant color would you choose? or would you just stick with the hardwood?

Marie @ Sally Lee by the SeaMay 26, 2011 - 12:31 PM

Love it all, girlfriend! I’ve been really getting into the pewter/silver look lately and I always love black accents. Fabulous selection you have here. Happy Memorial Day weekend :O)