We Dress Our Bed Naturally {Design File Thursday}

We like our bed to be dressed naturally and 100% linen bed sheets are on the “to buy” list.  I have mentioned before my love for natural fabrics and my love affair with linen sheets.  So let’s talk about this long-lived addiction.  I mentioned in a post before my love for linen clothing and home interiors that include lots of natural elements and textures so including them in my bedroom would continue the design flow.

A little background on this topic starts here.  I bought a pair of standard size pure linen pillow cases many years ago and I still have them.  Seriously, I have these pillow cases at least 10 years and they look just like the day I bought them.  So, after having them I decided I would go on a hunt for the actual bed linens at a discount and to no avail I have never gotten them…meaning a huge discount has never happened.  The cost of linen bed sheets can be really pricey especially if you have a king size bed.  And of course I would have a king size bed.  So, my thought at first after learning the cost was toss the bed and get a queen size.  I quickly thought no…I like the room.  Thus, I would have to save to buy them.  The time is about near and a choice on what to buy is hard because I like so many but must shorten the list.  I am leaning toward the first picture it fits my style a little bit tattered and torn with some crispy to them.

I wanted to include a few pictures of various colors of linen sheets and few different design styles showing you can go from a vintage frayed look to a crispy, clean hotel look with linen sheets.  I also included the last picture to set the mood.  When you finally get to lay your head down and watch the candle flicker in the night you will be resting on possibly one of the best set of sheets ever.  But, don’t forget to blow the candle out before you fall asleep.  And happy dreaming.


Pure Linen
Layla Grace
Elegant Linens
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Marie @ Sally Lee by the SeaJuly 1, 2011 - 11:55 AM

I’m sooooo in love with these natural bedding photos – they are all so dreamy. FABULOUS post, Cynthia.


Gracious SpacesJune 30, 2011 - 8:01 AM

You know I am LOVING your bed! I am having linen envy!! It looks so crisp & beautiful. I don’t do flowers or frou frou much. This is just what I would enjoy most. Thanks for sharing!