Silver, Bangles and all the Rest {Design File Thursday}

The secrets out I am in love with silver.  I love all things silver especially jewelry.   I am a collector of silver bangles just mention one and I am off to find it and if it’s affordable chances are it will make my “want” list.  But, with the rising prices in precious metals silver is up a bit so the price tags are starting to reflect it.  But, it’s still a lot less than gold.  It’s not that I don’t like gold I do…it’s just so expensive which makes wanting it harder to get.

So off I go to the internet and my thick design file to find all things silver some unique some the usual.  The light bulb went off and I thought would it be possible to find a silver looking beach home…and wholly molly I found one in Silver Beach, CT.  How lovely!  I am pretty convinced there is a beach home in every color and I am on a hunt to find them.  And you can count on me blogging about them.

Whenever I do a blog post I try to pick out items that really speak to me and hopefully my readers will enjoy.  And then in my mind I try to select just two items that really stick out to me more than the others.  In this post, I really love the silver barn doors and the silver bathtub.  I won’t select the bangles because you guys get me on that.  I have often said if I get to build my beach home from start to finish I want barn doors some where.  I would prefer to have them as an entrance to the master bedroom.  I have always thought it would be neat to open the doors to your bedroom with barn doors.  It just feels a little romantic and relaxing.  The silver tub that’s just a big ole “wow”.  Can you imagine taking a bath in that tub?  I am a huge bath taker.  I know some like showers I do but, there is something about taking baths that soothes the soul.  And if you add a cold drink it makes it all the better.  If you really want to top it off have your bath overlooking the beach and life couldn’t be any better.

Beach Home

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MeeshJuly 14, 2011 - 10:00 AM

That house! Also love the silver stacked bangles. Simple, yet have an exotic feel.

ZibaJuly 14, 2011 - 7:41 AM

Aww Gorgeous..! I so much more prefer silver over gold..