It Is Water That Inspires Me

2011-09-17  Sometimes you need a look back, so loved all of these looks especially the beds.

It’s Monday and it is becoming a routine that I must have things that inspire me to get the rest of the week going in the right direction.  I have to find images, things and people who get me going.  It’s what I am about, who I am and I like it about me.  But, then there are little nasty things that rob me of what I should be doing such as perfection.  I am getting better, but it’s slow.

So, the above images are me.  It’s water, natural elements, lovely bedroom designs and a crisp clean neutral color palette.  What get’s you going on Monday?  and if you have nasty little secrets that rob you of what you should be doing…do tell 🙂

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Fabian ChristopherSeptember 13, 2011 - 6:49 AM

What really gets me going on a monday or any day, is having one exhilarating experience in the morning. Whether it’s a gorgeous beach view, an aromatic cup of chai, or observing something beautifully different on my drive to work.

The nasty things that rob me of what i should be doing is actually being creative at work all day. It completely drains all my zeal and enthusiasm for being creative and working on getting my business launched.

But I totally love your site, it’s like an IV for the overworked creative. Just when i feel like im drowning, I take a hop over here and gain some more energy to push on.

Keep it up C!

Luciane at HomeBunch.comSeptember 12, 2011 - 12:40 PM

Gorgeous images! Lovely!!!

Have a blessed week!


Luciane at