I just purchased my new MAC computer and IPhone just a couple of months ago.  I love it and would never go back to a Windows based computer.  It’s an amazing product.  I have a classic iPod I bought years ago.  Yes, it changed the way I listened to music.  It changed the way the world listened to music.  It was all in the palm of our hands.  It was your intention.  Yes, I am truly an Applebot so we are called.  But, I am truly convinced it is one of the best products I have ever bought and used.

Steve Jobs you will be missed.  But, your legacy and the things you have done have changed our world for the better.  Thank You.  I will leave a little note I got just a minute ago via Facebook.

Our spirit can never be taken from us for it is the part of us that is eternal. No dis-ease can take it from us. No death can take it from us for spirit is eternal. It is the part of us that goes on forever. All the people we know who have left the planet are still here in pure essence and pure spirit. They always have been, they are now, and they always will be.

– Louise L. Hay


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TerriawOctober 5, 2011 - 9:13 PM

I work at the Apple store so it makes me happy to hear how much you love your Mac and iPhone! It’s great fun helping people get setup with their new Apple devices and teaching them how to use them. I was very saddened tonight by this news. Such a loss of an amazing person. I hope his legacy encourages all of us to push ourselves and be better than we ever dreamed.