I’ve Got Butterflies


I got this wonderfully, creative email in my inbox yesterday from Neiman Marcus.  It’s called the Christmas book and it comes out every holiday season.  I am sure some of you have had a chance to browse the pages before.  It has some of the most fascinating, creative and awfully expensive gifts in it I have ever seen.  Like Bently’s for two, or a private jet ride to your favorite destination, or extremely rare leather products for all the electronic items you have in your life.  Ok, like really, who buys this stuff?  I don’t know but, I love getting the book and cruising through all the dream gifts.

Well, of course, you knew I had to somehow tie this to the beach…you know right?  So, I give you a little bit of butterfly beach in lovely California.  I think I really need to move there.  Well, maybe.

neiman marcus

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