Just a little glimpse

Ok my friends, this is just a tiny little glimpse into my Christmas decorations this year.  I usually have my tree up and fully decorated the week after Thanksgiving.  I give myself a little bit time to get it all unpacked from boxes so I can figure out what I am going to put out or keep back from previous years.  I have always decorated in the traditional red for Christmas but this year I wanted something different.  I wanted to dust off the old creative hat and start over.  So, this is my twist on a vintage sea wash blue Christmas.  The picture of the tree came out a bit darker than actual color.   I have a little bit more to finish putting out this week and hopefully I will get some pictures to post for you to see.  Well, that’s just a glimpse.

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SanghamitraNovember 29, 2011 - 9:32 PM

You got a lovely blog here. Nice post and gorgeous shots!Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Melissah from Coastal StyleNovember 29, 2011 - 8:33 PM

Looks like a gorgeous tree – can’t wait to see the finished result!

CynthiaNovember 29, 2011 - 2:57 PM

Thanks Marie!
I still have to get used to it!

CynthiaNovember 29, 2011 - 2:57 PM

Thanks Terri!

Sally Lee by the SeaNovember 29, 2011 - 12:27 PM

I love the colors you chose to go with this year and can’t wait to see the finished Tree and Decorations.

Have a beautiful week, Cynthia.


TerriNovember 29, 2011 - 9:08 AM

beautiful! What a lovely theme. This is going to make for a gorgeous house decorated for the holidays.