Pin It Monday ~ Beach Birds

Hello…did you have a great weekend?  Did you relax or did you try to pack in more things than you should have?  I must admit I packed it all in and felt like life was a spinning ride at a local carnival for me.  Seriously, it seemed never to stop so I could breath.

So, I thought about what makes me slow down just a little bit and smell the salty air.  It’s all the cool coastal birds soaring about.  It’s neat to watch them and wonder where they just might land next.  I have a deck outside and I will try to get some pics of it soon when it get’s a bit sunny and some of the birds that fly by.  I mean they really fly close and I was shocked to see them coming to close to people, but I guess they have gotten used to us and are not afraid.  I think mostly looking for a little treat.  We are asked not to feed them as to let them find their on food.  Seriously, I didn’t realize how big these birdies were.  Really huge when you get close to them.

I hope each of you have a great week and look forward to a bit of break with the Easter holiday.  I need a little candy and some egg hunting…well maybe I won’t be hunting but enjoying a few.


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