Pin It Monday ~ A Little Taste of Seafood

A happy Monday morning to you!  Food glorious food!  I was looking around for some easy and I mean really easy seafood recipes to cook this week and thought silly go to your Pinterest account.  So, I found these two which I thought were simple and easy to create for a busy week ahead.  I love fish, but I admit I don’t cook it as often as I would like.  My kids don’t really care a whole lot for it.  But, will indulge a bit with me on occasion.  I often make it for myself and try to find something else for them.  I think seafood is an acquired taste for most people.  It’s one of those love hate relationships with food.  But, when you are near the beach, there are just so many great seafood stands to select from and there is nothing like fresh fish from the ocean.  What about you?  Do you love or hate seafood?


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