Holiday Gift Wrapping








I love to gift wrap presents.  I mean I really do.  I try to find unique gift items to add to the wrapping paper.  The goal is to try and create a theme, add some texture and most of all sprinkle a touch of glitz and glamor.  I want the receiver to feel a bit special and want them to enjoy opening the package.   The pictures above are gift ideas I hope you can get a bit of inspiration from and try on your own.  The gifty items attached were bought from Kohls, Target my favorite place and Michaels.  Oh, I forgot to say I have a bit of a wrapping paper obsession of which most is white.   I did not buy much if any last year.  So far this year none, but I still have time.  I mean I really need to find some unique white wrapping paper.  If you happen to see some, drop me a note.


photos:  mine 

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