Need A Beach Bag For Date Night Out At The Beach

Looking for a beach bag that has a little fashion added to make your beach night out fun and fashionable?  I don’t know about you but, I am always looking for something with a little fashion forward like the ones above.  I don’t want the traditional straw bag or tote but one, when added to your outfit, looks fantastic but beachy!  I think these are perfect to add for a great dinner out while vacationing.  Also, wouldn’t these be great if you were on a cruise styled vacation and you are needing something for the cruise ship dinner or a night cap at the bar?  Perfect, I think for a mirror, lipstick of choice, comb or brush.  All of these are from Nordstrom some are a bit pricey but, I think you could keep them and recycle them a couple of years.


photos:  not a sponsored post just an idea I had 🙂

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