Did You Ever See Something Neat And Sweet?

Oh my goodness did you ever see something so neat and sweet as these delicious looking nautical chocolate bars.  What a neat idea and such a great way to devour gourmet chocolate bars.  The company is Mast Brother’s Chocolate and they are based out of New York City.  I admit I am smitten by the packaging.  And yes, I buy items based on packaging.  The marketing gimmick works on me.  I found them reading DHome Magazine.

Pin It Monday ~ My Deck Needs This

Happy Monday to you!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I am on the hunt for outdoor furniture for my beach home and I need something that can really hold up in the light sea air.  I came across this little set this weekend and I so love it.  But, I don’t like the shipping price tag!  Can you believe they are charging over $600 for shipping and handling?  Seriously, I can’t believe this?  Love those sea blue cushions!  Oh well, enough of my ranting, this might just stay here.  Have a great week everyone!

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