Beach House Wednesday ~ A little Rustic Twist

Isn’t this such a neat little twist on beach home decor.  I just love the fishing floats placed on top of the rustic table.  And paired with a fancy, fluffy chair cover added a soft touch of girlie to it.  And of course, white slip covers are a must.  I really love sleep covered furniture.  There are many ways to stop the messy look by tightening the covers with a little hard tug here and there.  I take all the pillows off, straighten the covers and take a wooden spoon to push the covers into all the corners.  I really like how the pop of green is a soft reminder of the beach, while added a little rustic touch.

image Holly @Decor 8 and I want this flat

Take Two Tuesday ~ Concrete Planters?

Anyone else notice the trend towards concrete planters?  Or am I just late?  Such a neat concept.  I have a few plants about on the deck area and I was looking for some neat planters to maybe transplant them into this summer.  I thought this would add a new of a touch of modern with a little vintage feel.  I am thinking I might plant few succulents.  I have never planted or used them before, but read they are great for warm, humid climates and don’t think a little salt air would hurt.  So, I’ll take two of these.  Loved the planter with the two heads placed neatly about.  I’m not sure I would take these, but I think they make great conversation pieces.

planters (roughfusion)

Pin It Monday ~ Pink Umbrellas

Hello and it’s Lovely Monday!  It takes me hours to get ready for this day to get started.  I am a do nothing type of person on the weekend.  I really hate when they are jammed packed with too much to do.  It totally flips my Monday out.  So, the rant begins.

I am need of some new beach chairs and a nice beach umbrella.  I have told myself over and over don’t go for the cheap ones.  You will only be back to purchase them again.  But, geez great chairs and umbrellas are so expensive.  I want to get wood ones instead of metal.  The salty air only destroys them in about a years time.  And it doesn’t seem to matter if you store them away or not.  So, I thought these pink ones were cute.  I won’t be purchasing pink ones, I don’t think I could get two boys to sit in them.  Boys, what do they know.  So, I thought I would compromise and get a blue and white umbrella and pair them with two chaise lounge chairs with a couple of regular chairs.  I’ve got to lounge a little while I read.

Well, here’s to hoping all of you have a great week!

Beach Fashion Friday ~ Old Faithfuls

Oh my favorites are a pair of skinny jeans I bought from Kohls by Lauren Conrad.  Yes, I have about three pair of them.  I love the comfort, the feel and the overall look.  I don’t like the low waist jeans.  It’s mid rise for this girl and the fit of these for the summer are my go to pair.  I probably have them on about 2 times per week.  I love a little white summer top made of cotton or linen for the hot times around Texas.  And a cute little flirty handbag completes the look.  I often change my bags several time throughout the summer depending on where I am going.  Maybe I will do post on that.


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