Beach House Wednesday ~ On My Way To France

Dreaming and wishing I was truly on my way to France.  What a lovely space!  France makes me think of fun times, great food, fantastic views and people.  A foodie I am.  I think I have mentioned that before.  Give me some good food and great conversation and I am in heaven.  Oh, and don’t forget the glass of wine in hand.

Oh by the way, this is a rental.  So, should we put all of our money together and fly to France for a little stay?  Who’s in?


Take Two Tuesday ~ A Little Beach Love

Something about the beach that brings about a little beach love.  I always like to see couples walking about, talking and embracing while enjoying their time together on the beach.  Secretly, it’s just such a cool thing to me that I have a Tumblr account devoted to nothing but love on the beach.  If you care to take a little peek at it the link is here.

I thought it was pretty neat the Jennifer Lopez tweeted out this pic the other day of her and her new friend.

Pin It Monday ~ Beach Birds

Hello…did you have a great weekend?  Did you relax or did you try to pack in more things than you should have?  I must admit I packed it all in and felt like life was a spinning ride at a local carnival for me.  Seriously, it seemed never to stop so I could breath.

So, I thought about what makes me slow down just a little bit and smell the salty air.  It’s all the cool coastal birds soaring about.  It’s neat to watch them and wonder where they just might land next.  I have a deck outside and I will try to get some pics of it soon when it get’s a bit sunny and some of the birds that fly by.  I mean they really fly close and I was shocked to see them coming to close to people, but I guess they have gotten used to us and are not afraid.  I think mostly looking for a little treat.  We are asked not to feed them as to let them find their on food.  Seriously, I didn’t realize how big these birdies were.  Really huge when you get close to them.

I hope each of you have a great week and look forward to a bit of break with the Easter holiday.  I need a little candy and some egg hunting…well maybe I won’t be hunting but enjoying a few.


Beach Fashion Friday ~ Pink, Coral Or Salmon?

Which Do You Pick?  It’s really that Coach clear beach tote that has my eyes popping about lately!  But, justifying the price tag (shaking head no) is probably where my decision is headed.

Here’s to hoping you have a fantastic weekend and if the weather is warming where you are…hope you get to stick your cute little feet in the sand a bit.


side note:  if any of you were following my blog via networked blogs the link is now working.  i was not aware my little old blog got hacked and it was causing the RSS feeder to not work properly.

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