Beach Fashion Friday ~ Pink, Coral Or Salmon?

Which Do You Pick?  It’s really that Coach clear beach tote that has my eyes popping about lately!  But, justifying the price tag (shaking head no) is probably where my decision is headed.

Here’s to hoping you have a fantastic weekend and if the weather is warming where you are…hope you get to stick your cute little feet in the sand a bit.


side note:  if any of you were following my blog via networked blogs the link is now working.  i was not aware my little old blog got hacked and it was causing the RSS feeder to not work properly.

Beach House Wednesday ~ Seaside Style

Often when you think of beach homes you think of all the unique coastal decor such as fish netting, lots of fish displayed all over, nautical flags and such.  I love coastal design, but I am one who only likes little touches of it.  It might be the bounce about behavior I have been known to display.  In short, I get tired of the same decor after a very short time.  So, I have often thought my beach home will have very little coastal design displayed.  I think most of you know over the last year or so of me blogging I am more of a natural design lover with touches of modern and vintage incorporated in.  So, this home located on East Beach, in Galveston, TX gives you a bit of what I like.  Which means the beach home I bought will get a little makeover as time goes on.


Take Two Tuesday~A Little Bling

I’ll take the larger cross bracelet and pair it with the smaller cross one in pic 2.  I don’t think a girl can have too much bling in the coming spring air.  Oh, by the way, I am a bracelet junkie.  Do you have anyone thing that you buy more of then you know you need?  Come on own it 😉

black/silver bracelet

brown/gold bracelet

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