Beach House Wednesday ~ Seaside Style

Often when you think of beach homes you think of all the unique coastal decor such as fish netting, lots of fish displayed all over, nautical flags and such.  I love coastal design, but I am one who only likes little touches of it.  It might be the bounce about behavior I have been known to display.  In short, I get tired of the same decor after a very short time.  So, I have often thought my beach home will have very little coastal design displayed.  I think most of you know over the last year or so of me blogging I am more of a natural design lover with touches of modern and vintage incorporated in.  So, this home located on East Beach, in Galveston, TX gives you a bit of what I like.  Which means the beach home I bought will get a little makeover as time goes on.


Beach Fashion Friday~A Little Gold

This is a combination I have been trying to put together for a bit.  I am not a huge fan of gold, (weird I know) but the thought has crossed my mind to incorporate a little touch of it this summer.  And my love of chambray coupled natural elements such as the bracelet and earrings make this such a fun and cool outfit.  I love all the white denim and twill fabric this year.  I bought of pair of white flare denim jeans from Kohl’s last week and I love them.  I think I might pair them with a green military vest.  Which do you prefer Gold or Silver?


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