Pin It Monday…A Little Sea Shell Notebook

Hello and happy Monday!! Hope all of you had a great weekend and you got to relax a bit and get it all done!  I did a little organization in my studio.  Yeah, a little clean out.  It was so needed it.

Well, here we have a neat and creative pin, a little sea shell notebook.  How cool is this!  I would so love to try to recreate this little notebook.  It’s a hand stitched paper pack tucked inside a neat little sea shell.  I think this would make such a great little gift item for any occasion.  Don’t you think these would make great place cards for a nice lunch or dinner?  And would be perfect touch for a beach themed wedding, to be used as place cards.

Ok, here is to hoping each of you have a great week ahead!  I can just feel Spring Break around the corner. 🙂


Beach Fashion Friday

beach ready


Beyond Vintage cocktail blouse, £178
BAILEY white shorts, $35
Antik Batik navy shoes, $225
Tote hand bag, $30
Emporio Armani logo watch, £229
Brown jewelry, £27
Daisy jewelry, $9.80
Carrera shades, $125

The weather is stirring about and it’s a bit warmer!  I pulled out my flip-flops this morning and paired them with a nice old worn pair of jeans, a somewhat transitional black sweater and I am off to the races of the day!

I really love this outfit!  It’s so something I would wear.  I am starting to pull together ideas in my head on a little summer wardrobe.  So, off to my closet I go.  I start there first, get rid of stuff and add a few new pieces here and there.  So, if it’s getting warmer where you are and your thinking the beach hope this inspires a bit.

Melissah from Coastal StyleMarch 3, 2012 - 4:37 PM

Yes I can see myself in this on the weekend!

A Few Words On Wednesday

Just something about Leap Day that get’s me going.  I think it’s the fact that it only happens every four years and lot’s of luck and good fortune is associated with this day.  Such as the birth of a child, a marriage perhaps or just making your own wishes of good luck. Here’s to wishing you a beach load of will and good fortune today!


JulesMarch 1, 2012 - 9:05 AM

Fabulous beach! I loved the ‘extra’ day yesterday … it felt special just because it was like a freebie .. Jules x

SSMMarch 1, 2012 - 12:05 AM

Thank you, Cynthia. Here is to your good fortune as well.


TerriFebruary 29, 2012 - 5:35 PM

No words necessary for that beautiful beach scene! I have to say that leap day was just another regular day to me. But it’s fun to dream about extraordinary days.

Take Two Tuesday~Driftwood Shelves

I’ll take two of these!  I love these little driftwood shelves.  I found them via a little shop rightly named The Moss Wood Shop.  I have a few empty shelves where I placed some cool glass lamps and I am thinking of placing these right above them.  I think it will help fill the emptiness of long flowing shelving with a combination of the lighting.  Just to let you know I am thinking out loud as I blog about this.  So, you are in my creative thoughts. 🙂

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