Take Two Tuesday~Beach and Gigantic Thinking

It’s time to two minutes to just slow down and what a better way than to watch this less than 2 minute video of this gigantic bubble adventure.  I am always amazed at the different things happening around me at the beach.  My last adventure down, an older gentleman had this huge gold finder attached to him looking for gold items lost by beach visitors.  I stopped and asked him why and he said…I find some of the most interesting gold items such as the gorgeous gold ring years ago.  And I always wonder about this items as to who lost them, who bought them or were they given to them for a special occasion.  I thought that was kind of neat.

Melissah from Coastal StyleMarch 7, 2012 - 1:04 AM

Amazing!!! Would love to see this is real life. Thanks for your birthday well wishes, you should see me now Cynthia – in a total panic of half packed clothes, almost finished projects, half down nails, things desperately drying on the line, things waiting to be ironed, half a dozen emails to respond to & dinner to cook – I wish the reality of my life was as glamorous as Scrapbook!!! Once I get on that plane I think I’ll be able to relax & enjoy myself with the help of a glass of champers!!

meesh@idreamofchairsMarch 6, 2012 - 11:09 PM

Cool! The iridescence makes the bubble look alive!

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea, LLCMarch 6, 2012 - 9:25 PM

I’ve actually seen this done and it’s so awesome!! It was even near this area of California. What wonderful memories and so relaxing, thanks!


Pin It Monday…A Little Sea Shell Notebook

Hello and happy Monday!! Hope all of you had a great weekend and you got to relax a bit and get it all done!  I did a little organization in my studio.  Yeah, a little clean out.  It was so needed it.

Well, here we have a neat and creative pin, a little sea shell notebook.  How cool is this!  I would so love to try to recreate this little notebook.  It’s a hand stitched paper pack tucked inside a neat little sea shell.  I think this would make such a great little gift item for any occasion.  Don’t you think these would make great place cards for a nice lunch or dinner?  And would be perfect touch for a beach themed wedding, to be used as place cards.

Ok, here is to hoping each of you have a great week ahead!  I can just feel Spring Break around the corner. 🙂


Beach Fashion Friday

beach ready


Beyond Vintage cocktail blouse, £178
BAILEY white shorts, $35
Antik Batik navy shoes, $225
Tote hand bag, $30
Emporio Armani logo watch, £229
Brown jewelry, £27
Daisy jewelry, $9.80
Carrera shades, $125

The weather is stirring about and it’s a bit warmer!  I pulled out my flip-flops this morning and paired them with a nice old worn pair of jeans, a somewhat transitional black sweater and I am off to the races of the day!

I really love this outfit!  It’s so something I would wear.  I am starting to pull together ideas in my head on a little summer wardrobe.  So, off to my closet I go.  I start there first, get rid of stuff and add a few new pieces here and there.  So, if it’s getting warmer where you are and your thinking the beach hope this inspires a bit.

Melissah from Coastal StyleMarch 3, 2012 - 4:37 PM

Yes I can see myself in this on the weekend!

A Few Words On Wednesday

Just something about Leap Day that get’s me going.  I think it’s the fact that it only happens every four years and lot’s of luck and good fortune is associated with this day.  Such as the birth of a child, a marriage perhaps or just making your own wishes of good luck. Here’s to wishing you a beach load of will and good fortune today!


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JulesMarch 1, 2012 - 9:05 AM

Fabulous beach! I loved the ‘extra’ day yesterday … it felt special just because it was like a freebie .. Jules x

SSMMarch 1, 2012 - 12:05 AM

Thank you, Cynthia. Here is to your good fortune as well.


TerriFebruary 29, 2012 - 5:35 PM

No words necessary for that beautiful beach scene! I have to say that leap day was just another regular day to me. But it’s fun to dream about extraordinary days.