A Fancy Beach Hat For You


My current mood.  I posted this on my Instagram account and it got lots of reaction.  I really smiled at that because sometimes you just don’t want to be accountable for anything.  Yep, I sometimes get that way.  It soon leaves me.  The 4th of July holiday is upon us.  We will be busy cooking, maybe entertaining or throwing a little food on the BBQ.  Whatever you decide hit the “do not disturb” button at some point.  It’s good for the soul.  This hat is from Ruby Clair Boutique…had to have it.  They have lots of neat relaxed clothing for every day or beach days.  I bought a pair of rose colored loafers to slide around in from them.  Another just had to have.

photo:  mine
loafers photo: rubyclaireboutique 
not a sponsored post 

An Hourglass and Lost Time


This picture has the big hourglass (light gray)

An hourglass is a snapshot in time.  I love them and have a few.  I would love to collect a total of about 9 of them to display together.  The one with the light gray sand is huge!  I think it’s about almost 2 feet tall.  The one with the gold in it, I’m not sure if is sand it’s very loud when turning it.  It’s probably the most unique of them all.  The really large one has very a very fine grade of sand inside.  I am tempted to buy one that has bubbles as a replacement for the sand, but I get nervous it will either not really work or it’s broken while transporting.

Need A Beach Bag For Date Night Out At The Beach

Looking for a beach bag that has a little fashion added to make your beach night out fun and fashionable?  I don’t know about you but, I am always looking for something with a little fashion forward like the ones above.  I don’t want the traditional straw bag or tote but one, when added to your outfit, looks fantastic but beachy!  I think these are perfect to add for a great dinner out while vacationing.  Also, wouldn’t these be great if you were on a cruise styled vacation and you are needing something for the cruise ship dinner or a night cap at the bar?  Perfect, I think for a mirror, lipstick of choice, comb or brush.  All of these are from Nordstrom some are a bit pricey but, I think you could keep them and recycle them a couple of years.


photos:  not a sponsored post just an idea I had 🙂

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