Secrets Out A Little DIY Dining Room


I decided it was time to paint my formal dining room area.  It has not been painted in years!  I mean years!  I won’t paint the picture that this was easy…Painting this was hard.  The wall has a texture to it and it’s pretty thick and heavy.  So, to say lightly I knew what I was getting into, I didn’t.  I will post some more pics and some updates soon.  This took me a week and a half to paint by myself.  I was not a happy camper.  But, it’s done.  The table is from Restoration Hardware and the rug is from Ballard Designs.  Sadly, the rug is no longer available.  But, there are some other neat ones on their site.


photo:  mine 

Shelving made easy


I have numerous globes I have collected over the years, some old some fairly new.  I even think I have one older than I am.  Ok, if you were trying to figure my age not going to reveal.  Age is only a number right?  Can you believe it’s already May?  Wow, where did time go?  But, I kinda like it it’s already May.


photo:  mine 


Tables Tables Oh the Decisions!

I posted this on Instagram yesterday.  It’s a side table I purchased from Amazon yes Amazon.  I was looking for the perfect table to go in my TV room.  I wanted something that had a bit of a marble table top with a bit of iron metal along with it.  It took me forever to find it.  And when I did it was sold out.  So, a google search pointed toward Amazon.   Please, not this table comes in two parts so when ordering it was a bit confusing.  I originally thought it was just one but after further research and the reviews/comments of others proved differently.   I included the Amazon mock up of them below and links.  Next up lamps for them.


Earth Day 2017

I took this photo on one of the foggiest days of being on the beach.  I wanted to capture exactly how it looked and felt.  I wanted to also do a reminder to myself to always use the wastebaskets at the beach or take my trash back home with me.  We must do our best to keep our beaches and personal places free of trash and most importantly recycle.  We just have to do it.  Happy Earth Day everyone.



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