Is It A Boat or a Candle?


Love this candle it’s poured inside a wooden boat style like a canoe kinda like…not sure what to say oh well you guys can see it.  I picked this up from Homegoods and it sits in my office on one of the shelves.  It’s just a quick reminder of beach living and the fact that I can’t get to my beach house as often as I would like.  It’s one of the perils of being a beach house/vacation rental owner.

I do so many things!

I often say I do so many things.  The chance of me ever being bored in life is slim.  My lovely calligraphy pen holders!  I love them each one hand carved and made just for me.  Lindsey from Lindsey Hook makes them.  If you are a calligrapher by chance give her a look.  I promise you won’t be disappointed in her pen making skills.  I write with no other penholders.


photo:  mine