Pop! Pop! Smash! Confetti Easter eggs!!



The pops of color on these eggs are to die for!  I picked these up at Walgreens already made.  I have often said I would make them myself but the lazy side comes out and says buy them it’s easier, no mess, it’s done.  So, guess what the Cascarones are done!  A bit of history on these…Cascarones (kas-ka-ron-ez) are a Mexican tradition used for Easter, Cinco de Mayo and other celebrations,  It’s an egg shell filled with confetti and is traditionally used to crack over someone’s head and shower them with the confetti inside.  How fun is that!  Ok, who’s getting one cracked over their head this Sunday?


photo: me

Beach Monday Recap

Peaceful Sunday


Jordan Almonds always remind me of the Easter holiday.  A crisp clean taste.  Yummy!



This chair complete obsession!  I bought it from Target a few weeks back.  I do think I am going to get another footstool to play about in my home!  By the way, it’s 15% off this week!  run don’t walk you need one of these.



I love this decor piece I got from Pier 1.  A little story behind this.  It took me weeks to buy this.  I thought the price was over the top!  But, after much deliberation I purchased it.  Love when I debate myself and give in.  Do you do that or you disciplined?

Horses Prancing Around on the Beach ~ Let’s See


I’ve got this thing for horses on the beach! Absolutely love seeing them prance around in the sand! In Galveston, I have had the opportunity to see them a few times with riders. I have not taken a chance to go for a ride maybe one day I will. So, this photo is perfect for Monday beach Inspiration.