The Christmas Tree

Top of the tree


I have tried so hard to photograph this tree!  It’s up and decorated that’s all that counts and gifts are under it.  I hope all of you have a safe, happy and sound Christmas Holiday!  If you want to see more of my holiday decorating head over to my Instagram link in blog on left.  ——–>  I will see you after the festivities are over!


photo:  mine


Holiday Calligraphy

I posted this photo on my Instagram and had to let my readers who don’t Instagram [a link to my Instagram is to the right and lower right side bar] a peek at some gorgeous calligraphy.  My eyes popped out of my head when this beautiful card address with old style calligraphy was address to me.  Lindsey is the owner of  Lindsey Hook, calligraphy pen holders for calligraphy lovers.  Can you believe she carves these by hand?   If I get the nerves, I will post a bit of my novice attempt at calligraphy for you to see.  The pen holder above was made especially for me.  She gets special measurements with regards to your hand and makes it to your hold.   I have several of her penholders trust me and this one I have yet to use.  It is just like a piece of art to me.  She continues to poke me to use it!  If you are into calligraphy or just want to see some beautiful writing hop over to her site or just use the hashtag #calligraphy and beautiful writing will grace your eyes.


photo:  mine 

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees








Seriously,  I’ve got an issue!  I have a complete obsession with Bottle brush trees!   The only ones I don’t seem to come across are the really tiny ones.  I would like to start a collection of them.  A little vignette of them on a silver tray would be dreamy.  I guess I’m not shopping in the right places.  I did come across the two beach themed ones above and I quickly scooped them up.   Do you see the tiny little sea shells attached?  How unique is that?  I think I got them from Homegoods.  I seriously love that place.  I have included a couple pictures of some I have around my home for this Christmas season.


photos:  mine 

Holiday Gift Wrapping








I love to gift wrap presents.  I mean I really do.  I try to find unique gift items to add to the wrapping paper.  The goal is to try and create a theme, add some texture and most of all sprinkle a touch of glitz and glamor.  I want the receiver to feel a bit special and want them to enjoy opening the package.   The pictures above are gift ideas I hope you can get a bit of inspiration from and try on your own.  The gifty items attached were bought from Kohls, Target my favorite place and Michaels.  Oh, I forgot to say I have a bit of a wrapping paper obsession of which most is white.   I did not buy much if any last year.  So far this year none, but I still have time.  I mean I really need to find some unique white wrapping paper.  If you happen to see some, drop me a note.


photos:  mine 

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