Let’s Go To Pier 21

Olympia Grill at Pier 21 In Galveston, Texas has some of the best fish ever.  The red snapper is to die for!  It’s said by some it’s the best fish on the Island!  I love the pita bread served with your meal, it’s warm, soft as cotton and it melts in your mouth.  I love the atmosphere near the water, you have the option to dine in or out.  The view off the pier is absolutely stunning.  I have said this many times that Galveston has some of the best sunsets ever.  This video gives you a little peek inside and out of the great eatery.  And make sure to pay attention to the belly dancers.  It’s a nice touch as dinner is winding down.

Softer Side of Spooky

Halloween is such a neat and creative holiday.  It’s fun to see all the ideas displayed by bloggers, homes and retail spots.  But, for me it’s a little on the softer side.  I don’t do a lot of decorating for Halloween.  I seem to only put out a few items I have gathered and I try to make sure I incorporate them into my home decor.  I know pretty boring.  But, it works for me and besides I am too lazy to want to store it away after the holiday is over.  I am reminded that I have seasonal closet that needs to be cleaned out.  Maybe I should get on that.

spooky items:  Zara Home

Yes Big Bird and the Beach have something in common

If we get rid of Big Bird then we don’t get neat photos like this.  Sorry, could not resist when I saw this posted somewhere in the interwebs.  After a little research this photos was taken for a collaboration of Martha Stewart Crafts and Sesame Street Big Bird /Beaches Resort.  Taken on one of the beaches in Turks and Caicos.

photo:  childmode

Dreamy Creamy Treat!

I probably eat ice cream everyday I am blessed to be on the beach.  It’s good for the tummy but not so good for the hips.  Yep. that’s my pint of Haagen-Dazs.  It’s the 5 ingredient flavor vanilla of course.  I’m told it has less fat.  Not sure I’m believing that.  I’ll let my brain soak that in.  Anyone had it?

photo me




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